Forming components from steel tubing or partially processed punch-process parts.
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Company Profile, Facility
Nikko Sangyo Co. has been utilizing the bulgeforming principle as their main process to manufacture from metal tubing or sheet metal under very high fluid pressure, products difficult or impossible to manufacture by the current conventional casting or punch press processes.

Our Bulgeforming process started in 1963, applying Japan MITI patented invention which has more recently expanded extensively, particularly in Europe and in North America to the Automotive Industries. Our organization, on the basis of many years of experience, has designed and developed our machines complete with necessary associated software. Our hope and our effort is to be able to propose to many customers the variety of difficult to manufacture products with reduction in weight, unbelievable reduction in cost while retaining very high quality in a very safe environment.
C.E.O Koji Kimura

Head office
NO.14-23, 4 Chome, Katsushika-Ku, Tokyo, 125-0063, JAPAN
TEL.+81-3-3601-4166 FAX.+81-3-3690-7616
Fukushima Factory
Dohmeki Nakano Konan-machi Kohriyama City, Fukushima, 963-1521, JAPAN
TEL.+81-24-982-2788 FAX.+81-24-982-2787
Founded 1950
Capital 20,000,000 Yen
Registered scope: Bulge forming of metal pipes and manufacture of products with subsequent processing.
Principle Facility
600 Tons Bulgeforming machine 2
360 Tons Bulgeforming machine 2
120 Tons Bulgeforming machine 5
5~40 Tons Hydraulic-Forming machine 10
Valcan Tool Shear Cutting machine 3
Swaging machine 1
Bulge-Forming is worldwide technology but invented it in Japan
Bulge-Forming Dimensional Limitation(Reference only)
1 Tube O.D. : 15mm ~ 100mm
2 Wall Thickness : 0,8mm ~ 4mm
3 Product Length : 40mm ~ 700mm
Applying Above Limit to Formula Below
D * T * L < C(Constant) D:Tube OD
T:Tube wall
L:Tube length
Steel (equivalent SAE1008) 30,000
Stainless steel 25,000
Copper, Brass & Aluminum 35,000
#1: D=60mm, T=3mm, L=150mm
60 * 3 * 150 = 27,000
27,000 < 30,000 : Practical
#2: D=30mm, T=2mm, L=400mm
30 * 2 * 400 = 24,000
24,000 < 30,000 : Practical
#3: D-100mm, T=2,5mm, L=200mm
100 * 2,5 * 200 = 50,000
50,000 > 30,000 : Impractical
1) The above processing has general limitation but it is possible to process any product beyond the above formula, all depend on the shape, so we look forward to receiving you enquiries.
2) Materials unsuitable for Bulge-Forming are Steel with high carbon/Low Elongation, and others with High Hardness/Low Elongation.